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PowerToolz for K2

PowerToolz Tester for K2


Our value proposition for every K2 customer is all about accelerated mass adoption and successful automation outcomes.
PowerToolz offerings through PowerToolz Administrator and PowerToolz Tester tools is critical to provide ongoing value to K2 customers. We are reducing repeated and ongoing manual admin and testing efforts and prevent customers from making costly changes.
PowerToolz Tester is the only comprehensive test automation tool available for K2 that ensures integrity and quality of these critical business apps built on K2.
Upgrade assistance to the latest of K2 Five 5.x is also a key part of this value. PowerToolz Analyser and PowerToolz Converter provides this functionality.

Our Admin, Analysis and Conversion tools help inherently understand K2 environments, their composition, and complexity. This will enable you to plan and manage your K2 upgrades well.
These tools also report on and perform full or semi-automatic conversions of legacy workflows so that people don't have to do it all manually or start from a blank workflow canvas.

We believe our PowerToolz suite is providing additional options for K2 customers to achieve results faster and cost-efficiently even when combined with professional services.

  • SmartForms Testing
  • SmartObjects Testing
  • Environment Documentation
  • Re-Initiate Process
  • Compare and Update Process
  • Manage Multiple processes
  • PowerScript for Testing
  • InfoPath Updater
  • Deployment Packager
  • Migration Assistant
  • Collaborate on Scripts
  • Bulk Test Case Execution
  • Deploy Test Scripts
  • Visual Test Reports
  • Inspect Process Definition
  • Schedule script execution
  • Mobile apps


  • All our tools can be installed on any Desktop PC or Server (a windows computer or a virtual machine) as long as it can connect to a K2 environment. (Network access to K2 Database and K2 server)
  • To install our tools, The install user should have Administrator permissions to the K2 Server and Read permission on K2 Database.
  • PowerToolz is currently compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2016 or 2019 systems.
  • .Net Framework 4.6.1 or later is required on the computer where user wants to install PowerToolz.
  • K2 client components is required on the computer where user wants to install PowerToolz.
  • Visual Studio AddIns support for VS2010, VS2012 and VS2013 and it also need .NET framework 4.5.2 or later.
  • The current version of PowerToolz is 5.3 and provides support for K2 Five (5.3),(5.2),(5.1) K2 Five and K2 BlackPearl 4.7.

Yes, you must run it with an Administrator's account with Full K2 privileges. Remember to right click and select "run as administrator".

Yes you absolutely can. PowerToolz can be run from a desktop on the same network as your K2 environments. PowerToolz supports any windows operating system for computers including windows 7, 8.1 and windows 10.

PowerToolz provides the capability to connect to multiple K2 environments at the same time from the one terminal, as long as they are the same K2 version. For example, you could connect to a test and a production environment. You can add an environment from the PowerToolz home screen.

Yes, PowerToolz has been designed to automatically detect and adjust settings accordingly, as part of our mission to provide a flexible product.

Absolutely, PowerToolz provides a cross environment test feature. This allows test executions to occur from one environment against another. For example we can build a testing suite with a K2 testing environment through PowerToolz, then execute using the production environment, with all testing results stored in the testing K2 environment, thus minimising the testing footprint.

We are currently looking into this feature. We have a version called SmartToolz in development.


Administration rights to the K2 environment are required to install PowerToolz, thereafter authorization can be setup for different users as required without a requirement for server admin rights.

If configured, the scheduler will poll the K2 database and run test scripts. It doesn't run its own auditing in the background unless scheduled. PowerToolz caches K2 artefact information in the first call and then work of this until the tool is refreshed.

Customisation on authorization can be achieve using PowerToolz. Specific users can have subset of features enabled. For example, only the testing features can be enabled for members of the test team.

PowerToolz can only deploy test scripts to different environment and cannot be used for K2 deployment.

You can deploy test scripts to another environment from within PowerToolz. This can be used to validate a fresh deployment to an environment.

PowerToolz provides a suite of reporting features. SmartObjects, SmartForms and workflows can be reported on using the tool.

Mechanisms are available to help with the self-clean post testing, such as the use of test script variables to capture SmartObject identifiers, which can be used to delete SmartObject data. This is paramount to the jeylabs philosophy of maximising functionality and minimising footprint.


PowerToolz provides comprehensive testing of SmartForms much like the SmartObject and Process test spaces. These SmartForm tests can also be integrated into workflow testing. You can use the form to enter data and create a snapshot using the record button. You can also use the test asserts feature to test that form rules are working correctly. Please see the below screenshots of our SmartForm PowerTester.

Administration rights to the K2 environment are required to install PowerToolz, thereafter authorization can be setup for different users as required without a requirement for server admin rights.

  • PowerToolz can deliver workflow comparison reports to help administrators, testers and developers interpret discrepancies between workflows, assisting an efficient response to issues found.
  • Yes! PowerToolz allows you to create test scripts with the ability to control which paths are taken by setting the user and action to take for each workflow activity. You can also update data fields and SmartObject fields to simulate an external system’s interaction using PowerToolz.
  • You can use the assert attribute withing the test script builder set a variety of test assertions. Context data, Workflow variables, email and custom asserts can be set up to validate test results through PowerToolz. Some asserts are automatically selected to make building test scripts even easier!

PowerToolz does support testing of custom controls! This can be achieved providing that the custom control utilise the input data types supported by K2. PowerToolz is tested thoroughly before each release to ensure that all K2 controls are supported. This is one of the reasons we update PowerToolz with every K2 update and endeavour to follow the K2 update roadmap a closely as possible.

Testers can complete comprehensive automated testing with PowerToolz without administration rights to the K2 environment being tested. The only exception to this is when admin functionality is being tested using PowerToolz. This structure ensures that PowerToolz will respect the K2 security model.

Yes you absolutely can! Each node of the test script for the process can have an ActionUser attribute set, allowing for the use of test accounts to accurately simulate your K2 user landscape with your automated K2 testing regime with PowerToolz. You can set these users using the ActionUser attribute. It is important to note that the account being used with PowerToolz requires impersonate rights to the K2 server.

You can use PowerToolz to run your tests against any environment but is important to be aware of the LIVE interaction with the K2 server. It is important that you consider this when running this on your production environment. You can be wild with your testing in the development and test environment, however it is important that you have controlled testing in the production environment. For example you can use the delete method for SmartObjects and can delete and remove the logs of a process created as part of a test script. The beauty of PowerToolz is that if you implement the clean-up correctly you can create these scripts and use them over and over again without having a negative effect on the production environment, minimising the PowerToolz footprint to conduct seamless automated K2 testing.

The PowerToolz scheduler provides the opportunity to schedule scripts, not requiring the user to execute them manually from the UI. PowerToolz schedules can also be set to repeat.

Yes, you can configure scripts along with scheduler to run different scripts multiple times. This can also be achieved using the PowerToolz Power Tester by using the Loop attribute.

As of the current version of PowerToolz this is not available. This is intentional, and complies with the PowerToolz philosophy of minimizing the footprint on K2, ensuring that it is not detrimental to a K2 environment. PowerToolz is designed to embrace the K2 SmartObject structure and ensures that your K2 environment can be safely and securely tested. We are currently looking into this feature and will be part of the PowerToolz roadmap shortly.

PowerToolz allows for the selection of action users when executing tests, allowing for a test script to be created, using a number of different test users simultaneously to imitate this.

Absolutely, PowerToolz includes mechanisms to instantiate multiple simultaneous process instances of a workflow, verifying how the K2 application and environment behave under these conditions.

PowerToolz supports the testing a mobile friendly K2 applications with responsive interfaces such as those using the Lithium theme.

This testing can be achieved through PowerToolz! You can select test data that reflects what is returned through the capture process. This data will be used during testing to accurately test your capture driven K2 applications.

Random test data can be generated for SmartObjects. SmartForms and WorkFlows, do however require manaual data input. We are currently looking into this feature for SmartForms and WorkFlows and will be part of the PowerToolz roadmap shortly.

PowerToolz currently supports the testing of sub forms and editable list found on more complex K2 SmartForms.

PowerToolz supports testing at an activity level, allowing you to conduct unit testing.


We are currently looking into this feature and will be part of the PowerToolz roadmap shortly.

Yes! PowerToolz allows you to view all running processes, including error processes and provides the ability to investigate and resolve these issues. The tool facilitates K2 transparency by proving information such as context data, workflow variables and a live view of the process.

PowerToolz side by side workflow comparison feature can compare different deployed versions of a workflow and help identify where the process might be held from proceeding down the process.


We are currently looking into this feature and will be part of the PowerToolz roadmap shortly.

PowerToolz facilitates efficient testing of your workflows with the generate script feature. PowerToolz will analyse the workflow to identify all possible paths, which will be automatically created within the test script that has been generated.

PowerToolz supports the validation of K2 email notifications using the Asserts attribute of a process test script. You can modify the email assert to check for particular recipients, body, subject etc. From the assert screen you can access and modify the email asserts using the email tab.

You can use the email assert to validate that an email was sent to the delegated user. You can also use the ActionDelay attribute of the PowerScript to set a delay to test that the escalations are functioning correctly, by creating a delay to force the escalation, and set the ActionUser to the delegated user. This will validate that the escalation worked and was directed to the correct place.

We are currently looking into this feature and will be part of the PowerToolz roadmap shortly.

No, PowerToolz has been designed to provide automated testing and greater administration functionality of the K2 platform specifically.

We are working on a cloud version of PowerToolz. Please contact for more information.

Test results are stored using centralized K2 storage and can be shared by all users.

PowerToolz can be set up to reflect the role of users, we have full control of the features made available. For example you could only allow administrators to have access to investigation and administration features of PowerToolz.

  • jeylabs PowerToolz has the capability to form integrated testing, test plan and reporting, scheduled the test execution, viewflow and result comparison.
  • Apart from these capabilities, the most powerful feature of the tool is the ability to create and utilise shareable and reusable testing scripts that can give the capability to conduct of regression testing in a single click.

PowerToolz has been created with an emphasis on minimising the footprint on K2 environments. This ensures that PowerToolz can integrate effectively into any environment high to low load.

We are currently looking into this feature and will be part of the PowerToolz roadmap shortly.

Licensing, Maintenance and Documentation

Our license period starts at the issue of the license key. If you have purchased more than one product under a bundle offer, then the period begins at the issues of the first license key for any of the products.

The license key is issued at the time of install/setup/config. Like K2, our licensing process generates a product key. This needs to be sent to us for issuing the required license key. We provide eval licenses for customers who want to test out the tools while their procurement process is in motion.

Once purchased either via online payment (recommended) or once the payment is cleared through an invoice process, you will become legally eligible to request production use license keys. Until then you cannot use our software for full use. Eval keys limit your rights to evaluation purposes in dev environments only. Once payment is made, we can provide you with an electronic software ownership certificate on request.

We notify our customers about Major updates. Minor updates are released every 2-4 weeks and Major updates are released every 6-12 weeks. We aspire to consistently meet the changing requirements of the K2 platform by following the K2 development roadmap and acting accordingly.

No. We want you to make this decision and our updates takes minutes to complete.

PowerToolz release notes are available with with the software download.

Every July we review our pricing for the following 12 months.

jeylabs have specific partners globally that resell our solutions and products.

PowerToolz documentation is available including a comprehensive user guide, quick start guide and more to help get customers up and running to quickly start automating their testing to accelerate their K2 success!

There are more resources are available on the footer of the Powertoolz product website

jeylabs provides an official training course for PowerToolz, which typically operate over 3-5 days with a number of 1-2 hour sessions.

Course overview

Session 1
  • PowerToolz Configuration
    • Environment Configuration
    • Settings
  • Using PowerToolz K2 SmartObject Features
    • Explore SmartObjects
    • Test SmartObjects
    • Managing Scripts
Session 2
  • Using PowerToolz K2 View Features
    • Explore Views
    • Test Single Item Views
    • Test List Items View
    • Create and manage scrips
  • Using PowerToolz K2 SmartForm Features
    • Explore Forms
    • Test Single Form
    • Data Validation on Forms
    • Chained Forms Testing
Session 3
  • Using PowerToolz K2 Workflow Features
    • Explore Workflow
    • Test a Process
    • Create and manage scrips
    • Asserts, Data Fields, XML Fields and SmartObjects
    • Load XML Content from a Process Instance
    • Activities Triggered via Form Scripts
Session 4
  • Managing Test Scripts via Project Space
    • Create and manage projects
    • Deploy scripts to an environment
    • Un-tag a Script from a Project
    • Script scheduling
  • Managing Test Scripts via Test Space
    • Execute selected PowerScripts from TestSpace
    • Deploy scripts to another environment
    • Export PowerScripts
    • Tag to a Project
    • Script scheduling
Session 5
  • PowerToolz Test Planning
    • Create a New Test Plan
    • Create a PowerScript for a Process with the Test Plan and Test cases
    • Execute the Test Plan
  • Demonstrate PowerToolz Reporting Features
    • View test reports from within PowerToolz
    • Export to PDF
    • Export to Excel
    • Email test report setup

PowerToolz Analyser, PowerToolz Converter and PowerToolz Administrator for K2

Go Be Great with K2 Five!

Yes, you must run the installer with an Administrator's account with full K2 privileges

When installing PowerToolz products, always ‘Run As Administrator’

There is no differences in features of the software. The eval license is only used to make a purchase decision. With the free ‘eval’ licensing, legally you are only allowed to use the tool for non-production use for a limited time in a development environment only. In eval mode you can explore your K2 environment and produce individual workflow analysis reports. The report gives you in-depth advise on what parts of the workflow can be converted and what to do about the rest. Once you have purchased a license then you can save the converted process so that you can open it in the K2 Five process designer to modify it and deploy it on your K2 Five server.

Yes, PowerToolz Converter runs in a K2 Five environment and analyses KPRX core and identifies the deprecated components and reports it within both the analysis report and the conversion report. You can use the PowerToolz Analyser product on K2 4.6.11 or K2 4.7 environments to analyse the workflows in bulk before you even upgrade to K2 Five.

The choice is yours. PowerToolz is a windows application. It can be run from a desktop on the same network as your K2 environments.  It can also run on your K2 server itself.

When you convert and save a workflow, you can save it as any name you prefer.
The PowerToolz Express (Workflow converter) tool does not do any deployment. It simply saves the workflow so that you can then use K2 designer to open, inspect, make any adjustments you like and deploy it to K2 server at your own time.

The downloaded software is the same for eval and full-featured use. 
Only the license key you apply that differentiates an eval use or full production use.
Simply install and request a full use license or eval as per your situation.

The choice is yours. PowerToolz is a windows application. It can be run from a desktop on the same network as your K2 environments.  It can also run on your K2 server itself.

Placeholders are rendered for activities that cannot be converted, allowing you to quickly locate them and make the appropriate configurations. Further support is presented through a comprehensive analysis and conversion report to guide you to quickly get your process up and running within K2 Five

Within the pre and post conversion analysis report, PowerToolz Converter provides info and guidelines as to what has been converted, partially converted and not converted. As well, PowerToolz Express adds placeholder shapes and text where deprecated components existed.

We support all SharePoint wizards supported by K2 Five 5.x

PowerToolz Converter does not overwrite legacy versions of the KPRX file. The tool takes KPRX files (either created in K2 Studio or deployed from K2 Designer) and converts them to a format which is saved to the K2 five server thus allowing you to open and edit it with the new K2 five process Designer. When you are ready, you can deploy the process from the designer to make it become the latest

Go to and create a support ticket. You can self-register your account for free using your work email address there.

You can also email us at We are based in Australia and we normally respond within 17 hours.

We support all Dynamic CRM wizards supported by K2 Five

PowerToolz Converter is designed to give you a terrific head start in your K2 Five upgrade process. We will never be able to convert 100% of all K2 processes ever created. There are many processes where we have been able to achieve 100% conversion. Our conversion rate sites at around 80% - 90% of all processes we have tested.

We support all DocuSign wizards supported by K2 Five 5.x

All our PowerToolz products are updated constantly. We release minor updates every 2-4 weeks and major updates every 6-8 weeks. The latest version is immediately made available for download and install. You are encouraged to update the tool as soon as we release an update.

PowerToolz Converter is available for purchase under an annual subscription license. This license gives you unlimited internal use for an annual fee of $5000 USD.

Make your purchase at

PowerToolz Analyser helps you analyse your legacy workflows and provides you how best to convert your workflows to K2 Five. PowerToolz Converter helps you convert your legacy workflows to the latest K2 Five format. It does not provide Test automation or other numerous nifty capabilities to make your testing, troubleshooting or administration of K2 easy.

PowerToolz Administrator and PowerToolz Tester provides three major capability sets. Automated Testing, Administration and Trouble Shooting features for K2. Go to for more information.

PowerToolz suite of products for K2 accelerates your K2 success. All our tools are available for unlimited internal use under annual subscription. Purchase at